Salutations from Singapore!

Over Christmas there was talk of sending Christmas cards to fellow bloggers and friends on twitter!  I had planned on sending cards to a few people, I had bought them, filled them out and given them to hubby to take to the post office, only to discover after Christmas that hubby had put them in the car and completely forgotten about them! DOH! 😮

A good friend of mine over at 19th May Flower asked for my info and said she’d like to send me a Christmas card.  Faizah is one of the first people I met when I started blogging, we shared a bond through our children and have become friends over the last two years.  She’s a wonderful mother and I’ve learned a lot about her and her culture through chatting and her blog.   

The other day her card or I should say package arrived all the way from Singapore.  Meg and I were so excited!  When we opened the first envelope there was a funny FB card with a lovely note from Faizah inside.


But wait… there was more!  Inside the first envelope there was another little package addressed to Meg!

Her face lit up and I gave it to her to open…

Inside was the cutest little purse in Meg’s favorite colors and a note card with Meg’s name on it decorated by Faizah! 

She was delighted!

We are putting the note card in our scrapbook album!

Meg and I got out the globe and I showed her where Singapore was!  Meg told me she’d like to send something back and I told her that’d be okay!  So she’s working on a little something for Faizah and her daughter Fateha! 

Thank you for such a lovely gift Faizah!   We are blessed to know you and your family! x

4 thoughts on “Salutations from Singapore!

  1. hey hey!! i’m so sorry for….reading this late. tsk! i’m always late, forever! i didn’t have the time to use the computer but remembering you did a post of our package, i truly wanna see it!

    wait! it was meg’s fave colour?? purple?? you mean i got it right? LOL ok, i didn’t know that. anyway, glad that you guys…i mean you girls love them 🙂

    and thanks for the lovely write up about our friendship. i’ll treasure it and who knows…i may be dropping you a visit in person (if i have the money!! LOL)


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