Some of my favorite songs…

 Unsure of what song to pick for this weeks Monday Music jam, I figured I revisit a few that cheer me up and make me happy!

You see… I’m gonna be another year older come Wednesday and I need to celebrate a bit!  So have some cake sit back and enjoy some of my favorite songs with me!

Sorry if you have to click on youtube to see the video’s, it seems they’ve been cracking down lately on sharing music! You’d think they’d like the exposure?! But what do I know?

Anyway I digress… Back to my fav songs!

Here we go…

My first pick is from the fabulous Mary J. Blige and will always get me up on a dance floor, after all I’m Just Fine!

Don’t stop me now…

My second pick is by the awesome Freddy Mercury and it’s one Meg and I like to dance around the house to.

My third pick is Island in the sun by Weezer! It’s nice and mellow and I love the video ’cause  it gives me the warm and fuzzies! 

Oooo and don’t forget Neyo!  I like just about anything he’s done, but right now my favorite is One in a million! Love, love, LOVE the video!

There are so many songs I love out there (don’t even get me started on the 70’s and 80’s),  but these are a few of my favorites!

What songs get you up and grooving or mellow you out?


7 thoughts on “Some of my favorite songs…

  1. Neyo’s video was just totally awesome. Loved all your picks. Thanks for playing along with us, and we hope to see you next week also when our theme for the whole month of February will be love songs. Amor Amor! Yes… so get your groove on and see ya next week! Have a good one my friend, and let the music move you!


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