All Aboard The Love Train!

Looks like the folks over at X-mas Dolly’s Place, where they host Monday’s Music Moves Me, really liked my groovy moves a few weeks ago and have decided to spotlight me again! 

Okay, so maybe it was a random pick, but I’ll take it! *wink*

In lieu of Valentine’s Day being right around the corner this weeks theme is good old-fashioned, love songs! 

Woot, woot all aboard the love train people…

My first pick is Sean Hayes, Powerful Stuff!

 My second pick is Ronan Keating, This I Promise You (<-click this link)!

My third pick is Paolo Nutini, Loving You!

Oh go on then I’ll give you one more… If you click HERE you can watch Michael Buble’s Everything!

 Do you have something special you do on Valentines?  What are some of your favorite love songs?

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11 thoughts on “All Aboard The Love Train!

  1. Found Xmas Dolly yesterday when she was featured a CMASH LOVES TO READ, an am checking out this meme today and may join in on. Love your choices!!!! My have to find some love songs myself.


  2. First off, congrats on the spotlight – AGAIN!! Don’t tell anyone, but yep, we like you best… SSSHHHHH! TeeHee
    Second, those are fabulous songs for our Love Month theme. I totally ADORE the Ronan Keating song, what a powerful sentiment. I had to copy it and send it to my hubby.
    I cannot wait to see what you post for the rest of the month.
    Have a great week. 🙂


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