Jennie O so good!

I’m a sucker for burgers!  I’ll admit it!  I love a big, juicy, beef burger, on a fabulous soft bun, smothered with mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese… provolone even!   However, because of the tremendous caloric content these bad boys possess my ass could really do without them!

So what do I do when I’m craving a, so juicy it drizzles down your fingers, burger?

I do this…

With a tiny amount of olive oil, just a smidgen, I pan sear a Jennie O turkey burger along with some onions and mushrooms!

 Then I add either two slices of a plum tomato or one slice of an ugly tomato and top that with some curly lettuce!

  I forgo the cheese so I can have a little mayo and put it all on a Pepperidge Farms whole wheat Deli Flat! 

I’m not gonna lie, it’s not the same as having the real thing, but it stacks up pretty close and it saves me from having to buy jeans with an elastic waist!

So tell me how do you cut calories on some of your favorite foods?

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