McRibb = McMmmm

This past weekend some friends and I teased out our hair and donned our jelly bracelets in order to throw an I Love The 80’s birthday party for one of our good friends!

What does this have to do with food fight friday you ask? 


her sister, who is a fabulous cook, decided to recreate the McDonald’s McRib which came out in the 80’s!


she used a full rack of pork ribs, cooked and marinated it till the meat fell off the bone and then put it in these cute little rolls! 

I’m not normally a fan of the McDonald’s McRib, but let me tell you the drip down your fingers McRib she recreated ROCKED!!!

Mmmmm look at all that juicy goodness!

So, tell me…

 What food takes you back? 

 Maybe it’s a candy that can take you back to your youth or a pot roast that reminds you of your momma’s home cooked meals?

Go on link up and tell us about it!

To join our Friday Food Fight, post a picture of your favorite food, meal, snack
or drink.  Of course, we’d love to see you enjoying your tasty treat, but you
don’t have to be in the picture.  Then on Friday, post your drool inducing photo
and link up here. 

4 thoughts on “McRibb = McMmmm

  1. That sounds like so much fun. I remember the McRib and I can tell you, your friend’s sandwiches sound waaaay better! I can remember having a thing for Fortune Bubble Gum. So good. Thanks for the memories!


  2. Wow! That sounds too cool! I really like theme parties. Also, thought I’d let you know that you’ve been chosen for first place in our Spotlight Dance for Monday’s Music Moves Me! WOO HOO! CONGRATS! We go live on Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. – You can get your linky then & I will have already put your link in first place so you won’t have to sign in! CONGRATS! One more Monday of Love Songs this Monday!


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