What would you do for love?

I thought this was a pretty cool video! 

It was the fabulous Zachary Levi *swoon* who tweeted…

“My good friends @waltercmay and @thedaylights wrote this song (video by @waltercmay) for Walter’s girlfriend who moved across the country…  The hope is that it will be spread virally until it finally reaches her.”


It reached his girlfriend just a couple days after it was posted!

PS  Did you see Zachary Levi sing the theme song from Tangled with Mandy Moore at the Oscars?  *faints*

What songs make your heart pitter patter? Have you ever dedicated a song to someone?

Grab the button on the right and head over to Xmas Dolly’s place to play along!

7 thoughts on “What would you do for love?

  1. Love the cute song! Wonder if it ever got to his girlfriend. ~hehe~ Great choice! So, enjoy your Spotlight Dance & have fun with it! Already following! hugs & thanks for playing along with us hope to see you next week.


  2. That is just SO cool!
    I have never heard it but I LOVED it and I love that his girlfriend did get it.
    That is just so romantic and I found myself smiling through the whole thing.
    Thanks for making my day!


  3. Jeez, I have such a crush on Zachary Levi. However knowing that he is unattainable, I would fully be in favor of his dating Yvonne Strahovski.


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