The Passionate Purple Day Giveaway!

This post will be at the top of my blog till March 3oth so please scroll down to see newer posts!

I’m extending my giveaway to March 30th so get those photos submitted!

Epilepsy is a cause near and dear to our heart as our own Meg-a-Moo lives with epilepsy!
 March 26th has become known as Purple Day, a day when we encourage people around the world to wear purple in support of epilepsy awareness!

 “Purple day began with a nine-year-old girl, Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada, who with the help of the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia (EANS) chose the colour purple (lavender) as the international colour for epilepsy, which is awesome as it’s Megs favorite color. The lavender flower is also often associated with solitude, which represents the feeling of isolation many people affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders often feel. Cassidy’s goal is for people with epilepsy everywhere to know they are not alone. To learn more about Cassidy and Global Purple Day Partners EANS and The Anita Kaufmann Foundation (AKFUS), please click HERE.”

Meg and I were talking about what we could do to create awareness and so we decided to ask our friends and family to wear purple on March 26th and send us pictures so we could create a collage that would remind Meg of the love and support she has all around her.

Well then this idea grew!

We put our heads together and came up with a purple themed competition…

 The Passionate Purple Day Giveaway!

… asking bloggers to take pictures of anything and everything purple and then link them back here!   

The only rule is to be creative! 

  You can take pictures of your family decked out in purple, purple jam, kids painting with purple, flowers, balloons, etc.  The more creative the better!

The competition will run until March 30th, which is when Meg will pick a winner and we will send them a purple prize!

So let’s show people how powerful blogging really is! 

Please join our family and help us spread  Epilepsy Awareness around the world!

Thank You!





11 thoughts on “The Passionate Purple Day Giveaway!

  1. I grew up in a purple home. My mom calls herself a “purple person”. I wish I could send you a photo from the past… Lavender walls, and Lavender trim on the grey kitchen cabinets, purple suede sofa, my mom had a purple apron and teapot and vases. Her sheets and bedspread were purple. I was able to get away with purple’s cousin mauve in my bedroom and bathroom. I swore I’d avoid that in my own home, and I did, but ironically most of my WARDROBE is now purple!


    1. Aww that’s a lovely memory you shared! I wish you had a picture to post too as it sounds purplicious! Feel free to take a picture of your wardrobe and link up to our contest! Again thanks for stopping by and sharing your story! 🙂


  2. so so so many questions, my daughter has just been diagnosed with epilepsy, had no idea what ‘purple day’ was under 5 mins ago – am off to find you on twitter – apologies in advance for mountain of questions……


  3. Hey Kirsten and Meg – Thanks so much for all your support of Purple Day! We’ll be adding your blog to the Media page of and are so excited to hear about your photo contest and giveaway. Please let you fans know that they can also post their photos on the Purple Day Photo Gallery at

    Also, if you are able to send us the winning photo, we’d be happy to tweet about it! Thanks a bunch and hope you have a wonderful Purple Day! And, do check out the Ambassadors of Purple program at

    Thanks for supporting Epilepsy Awareness!

    Michelle C.
    Partnership Executive
    Purple Day


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