No Fart Foods For Mommy!

So last night Meg, Hubby and I were making dinner when Meg came up to me with a piece of paper!

“I wrote a book Mommy!”

“Really?” I said “what’s the title?”

Meg shoved a bright red piece of paper in my face and quickly spurted out the title followed by a cheeky giggle.

“No Fart Foods For Mommy!”

Immediately hubby began to snicker and I could feel a smile start to creep across my face too!

“Really? Hmm… well let’s see it then shall we!”

I took the piece of paper and instantly began to chuckle!

NO FART FOODS FOR MOMMY was written not so neatly across the top of the paper followed by a list…

1. No Lentil Soup

2. No cabbage

3. No beans

Then below the list was this…

In each column I’m apparently grabbing a big bowl of the afore-mentioned “fart foods” and… well it doesn’t take long to guess the sequence of events!

Of course hubby thought it appropriate to break into a fit of laughter! *humph*

Honestly!  Like neither of them fart!   *grin*

All the things I do and this is what I get remembered for? 

 Well I nevah!

 Now pass the lentils! *wink*


4 thoughts on “No Fart Foods For Mommy!

  1. hehe you she cracks me up! What are they talking about ladies don’t fart it’s the dog that does it 🙂 hehe

    Got to love the pictures, but at least mom is smiling in to of them as she let’s the gas go 🙂


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