The Purple Prize Goes To…

First and foremost we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in Purple Day! 

We truly were touched by all our friends,  family and  the readers here at Gone Bananas who pledged to wear purple on March 26th to help spread Epilepsy Awareness! 

Meg took lots of time going over all the fabulous entries we received until she finally picked a winner.

So without further adieu here’s a video, directed and starred in by our very own Meg, revealing our winner and what they’ll receive!

So Congratulations Seeking My Sanity I will be contacting you soon! 

We’d like to give a special shout out to Cassidy and her peeps at for creating Purple Day and everything they do to promote epilepsy awareness.

As well as a big thank you to my sister-in-law Denise over at RunDMT for hosting a fabulous Purple Picnic for Meg and all the promoting she did to try and get people talking about it!

Oh yeah and the folks at have said they will send a little shout out to our winner on twitter! 

A special thanks to all those who entered:

Rebecca at Two become Four for the purple hair dye

Gary at Him Up North for the beautiful flower

Qwerty Mum for the lovely purple party

@jdugald for turning his avatar purple, the purple socks and picks of his girls

The Rainbow Dogess for her gorgeous pooch who donned purple

Meg’s cousin Allana for the Purplicious picture of their new pooch Lucy

19th May Flower for the gorgeous picture in her purple ZARA shawl




4 thoughts on “The Purple Prize Goes To…

  1. Oh my GOSH! LOVE HER! I got teared up watching that. Meg was so excited and I got all warm and fuzzy for her. What great thing you did here to promote epilepsy awareness! I was just happy to help get the word out. xox

    Congrats to Seeking My Sanity! 🙂


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