The Gallery ~ Tomorrow

I was almost going to skip Tara’s Gallery this week until I stumbled upon these photos from a recent trip to Dinosaur World!

Now… I know I’m reaching a little bit, but here’s what I thought…

Yesterday is the past, the day of the dinosaur, today is the present, the day in which we live and tomorrow is the future when I wonder…

Will they have an exhibit like this of us and who’s gonna be sitting on my back taking pictures?

Please  Mr. T-Rex don’t eat our kids!

Take the puppy!

Disclaimer: No animals or humans were hurt during this Jurassic Adventure!

Luckily we all made it out unscathed, well…

Most of us anyway!


For more interpretations of tomorrow head on over to Sticky Fingers and check out the Gallery!


5 thoughts on “The Gallery ~ Tomorrow

  1. hahaha we have pictures just like this from a trip to Florida – except its my daughter being held up as sacrifice.. the look on her face is pricless… its a daddy how could you!


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