Music Monday – Uncharted


 My mum once told me  “Kirsten you come from a stock of very strong women and can brave whatever comes your way!”

  There have been times I’ve questioned if I was indeed cut from the same cloth as those women, but you know what I’ve decided? 

I must be  because lord knows my strength, courage and beliefs have all been tested at one time or another!  

The last couple of years have been rough and I’ve gone through some personal struggles with what I believe, where I’m going in life and who I am?  I have a tendency to put on a brave face when it comes to adversity, but truth is…

It’s just armor!

 It’s what helps me get through the moments where my heart feels it could break into a thousand pieces.  Like most,  I’ve had moments in my life where I’ve excelled and moments where I’ve fallen quite short of the mark! 

Lately though, I’ve decided to let go of the things I can’t control, just enjoy where I’m at right now and live in the present so to speak!

 As a good friend of mine would say *cough* Rachel *cough* 

“I’m a just be me!” 

I’m gonna love big, fight hard and enjoy life!

I’m learning how to be comfortable in my own skin and you know what? 

While I’ve got lots of flaws I’m also pretty damn great! 

Yeah! There I said it!  You have NO idea how hard it was for me to type that! *grin*

I’m in uncharted territory and so far… I’m liking it!

  So my pick for today is Sara Bareilles Uncharted! Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Music Monday – Uncharted

  1. Okay, well that was new to me. Told a nice story, and rather catchy tune. Thanks for sharing. Although the theme is about friends/friendship this week. Am I missing something here? I’m new at this, and I really want to learn the right things to do. Well, I couldn’t find your followers, but I am your latest follower on twitter. Hope you have time to stop by me. Have a good day.


  2. Good for you for getting that all out. That’s a brave thing. Be yourself and wear that armor well, hon. And if people can’t handle what your about, f*ck ’em. You’ve got your armor and I’ve got mine too. I’m fighting for you. I’ve got your back. 😉 xox

    Love this song, but the video didn’t load. (Sony bastards!) So, I decided to check out the video on YouTube per your recommendation. Great stuff! Love it!


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