Operation Shed Small Child – Day 1

Good Morning, Kirsten AKA Cheeky Monkey8. Your mission should you choose to accept it, will require determination, consistency and motivation.  Physical activity paired with a healthy diet will be mandatory everyday for the next 100 days. If you choose to accept this mission it will start immediately and a weekly log of your successes and/or failures will be required every Tuesday.  This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Yes it’s true… Operation shed a small child is underway! 


I had big plans this past week to start my running regimen until my brand new shoes took a trip to the UK…

Without me!

Let me explain…

I had gone with my sister-in-law to Suncoast Running and ordered a new pair of running shoes to start my fitness program off right!  However, because of my freakishly large feet I had to special order my shoes.

Yes! That’s right! I haz man feet! *grin*

So my sis-in-law Denise over at Run DMT said she would pick them up for me as Suncoast Running is a hop skip and a jump from her house. 

Fast forward to a week later…

Hubby was taking bro-in-law to the airport!

He was supposed to pick up my running shoes from Denise and a card on the way.  The card was to be given to my bro-in-law to take over to my other brother who was getting married and the shoes were supposed to come home. 


 Hubby wasn’t listening when I told him this and he instead gave both items to my bro-in-law, who packed them in his suitcase and took off on a flight to the UK.

So my shoes have a ton of mileage on them and I haven’t even put them on my feet yet!


Not to be discouraged, I decided to join Weight Watchers to try their points plus system and I was also inspired by my sister-in-law to try the 100 day push up challenge!

Bottom line is I need to get fit and “talking” about wanting to get fit isn’t gonna get it done!

Basically, I want to shed the weight I’ve gained over the last 10 years and get back to this…


Yep that’s me!

 All be it slightly more blonde and considerably thinner!

I was fairly fit back then and although I wasn’t a runner in the 5k/marathon sense, I would run about 3 miles a day.

So what happened?

Well… life happened!

 I got married, had a baby and started having panic/anxiety attacks.  I also became a stress eater, developed bad eating habits and stopped running. 

Truth be told, I kinda gave up on myself,  slowly outgrowing my clothes and putting myself down along the way.

I know this will be a journey and it will be laced with good and bad days, but I’m determined to see this weight gone and to work on being comfortable with myself again.

So wish me luck and feel free to join me! 


10 thoughts on “Operation Shed Small Child – Day 1

  1. Good luck to you! I recently joined Weight Watchers as well, which is how I found your blog. I, however, need to shed another person- not a small child. I am glad to have found your blog, it’s always nice to get inspired by other’s successes. Sorry about your shoes though- hopefully they are having a grand time in jolly ole England!


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