The Decemberists and Foster The People

I’ve heard two songs on the radio I like lately! So being that today is a freebie week over at Xmas Dolly’s place I thought I’d share ’em both.

My first pic for today is Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks!

My second pic is The Decemberists This Is Why We Fight!

I added links incase Sony decides to block my videos again!  Happy Monday people I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!


11 thoughts on “The Decemberists and Foster The People

  1. Oooooo…I love The Decemberists! Allan and I always joke about their name too. (Said in a really bad British accent) “Well, we wanted to call the band The Novemberists” but we thought that we’d be getting ahead of ourselves.” LOL


  2. I like that first one – my favorite station has played it for a while now. Seriously though – ever since The Rake I cannot stomach The Decemberists. 😛


  3. I’ve never seen any of these videos nor heard the songs, and that second one is almost a little scary. Can you imagine the world being like that one day. Dang! Thanks for joining us today and we hope to see you next week. Following you.


  4. My friend turned me on to The Decemberists and The King Is Dead CD that song is off of. Very good! Listen to it all the time.

    Two great songs! Thanks for sharing!


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