Operation Shed Small Child – Week 1

Okay so week one of Operation Shed Small Child didn’t go exactly like I hoped!  My first week was a bit of a flop! Darn that little, long-eared, fluffy,  peddler of chocolate!

However, I will not be deterred!

I did do some good things this week…

I increased my water intake. 

 Dacia over at Thirty Three and Counting shared this fab arm workout with me and I love it!

I started the 100 day push up challenge!

I didn’t realize how incredibly bad I was at push ups, but  I finally managed a few after laughing my head off!

My diet was where I messed up this week! 

 I didn’t log into Weight Watchers to track it like I’m supposed to, but I’m back on track this week!

So roll on week I’m about to kick your ass… or is it my ass?  I’m not sure?

Workout song for this week is…

Black Eyed Peas PUMP IT!

What are you doing still here? Go dance that weight off!



3 thoughts on “Operation Shed Small Child – Week 1

  1. You have a great attitude! It takes time to figure it out, to find what works best for you. I am still working out the kinks. I do find that tracking helps, a lot, and planning out meals and workouts is what gets me through. Some weeks are going to be rough but the important thing is to accept it and continue on, not letting one week- one setback- derail you. I know this week will be better!


  2. Hey! So I was at the gym Saturday, doing the above mentioned arm weight routine. My husband was next to me doing some different weight routine for his arms. I asked him if I should be doing what he was doing. He said no, that what he was doing was to help him with his push-ups (he is in the Army and they do push-ups as part of their fitness test) and it made me think of you and this post. He was doing a combination of two different exercises; front raises with dumbbells and lateral raises with dumbbells. He says it helps to build the muscles needed to do push-ups. Thought I would pass that along to you in case you wanted to incorporate into your routine to help you with the push-ups.


  3. Weight loss and exercise is never easy. If it was, everyone would be thin. Every day is a new day. Tomorrow you get a do-over. Keep it up, girl!!! PUMP IT!


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