When The Moon Hits Your Eye…

… like a big pizza pie.  That’s Amore!

*Said like Jersey Shore T-Shirt Time*

The other night, as a reward for all her hard work this year, we let Meggers pick where she’d like to go to eat and she picked Carabba’s Italian Grill!

The girl has good taste!

So we headed up to the restaurant and luckily there was no wait time.

Meg got Chicken Strips (Italian Restaurant and she gets Chicken Strips *rolls eyes*), daddy got some chicken & pasta deal, and I got this…

*Because I’m lame and forgot to take a picture, photo is courtesy of a google search*

The Margherita Pizza! Yum!

The reward didn’t stop there! Oh no! Meg also gets to go see Buddy from Cake Boss tonight with her Daddy!

She is soooo excited!

So what’s your favorite place to go out to eat?

3 thoughts on “When The Moon Hits Your Eye…

  1. Wow!! that…looks….yummy!!! And the best part – I can eat all the Carabas I want!!! Nothing better than dating a manager for one of it’s sister restaraunts!!! Damn!! He won’t be home by the time Carabas is still open!! Now I’m hungry


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