Subway Eat Fresh!

It’s Food Fight Friday time!

I know I’m running a little late, but my little Mooski had a tummy bug and just started feeling a bit better today! 

She wasn’t eating which always makes me nervous, so I was glad when I asked her what she’d like for lunch and she said SUBWAY!

So today I’m serving up a 6 inch veggie on wheat with avocado, black pepper, oil & vinegar. Yum!

No Subway sarny would be complete without one of their soft baked cookies!

My favorite is usually their oatmeal cookie, but because Meg’s been sick I let her choose the cookie and of course she prefers the choc chip!

Now you’re probably thinking why not get a cookie each? 

Well what I didn’t tell Meg is I picked up some of these for after dinner!

Shhhhhh!  Don’t tell ‘kay!

Yeah I know it’s a small pic but I couldn’t find a bigger one and I couldn’t be arsed to take one and download it!

Right I’m off to drool over the Pinkberry yogurt Denise over at RunDMT posted and the scrummy Pizza Hut pizza Karen over at If I Could Escape posted! YUM!

To join our Friday Food Fight, post a picture of your favorite food, meal, snack
or drink.  Of course, we’d love to see you enjoying your tasty treat, but you
don’t have to be in the picture.  Then on Friday, post your drool inducing photo
and link up here.   




3 thoughts on “Subway Eat Fresh!

  1. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I ate Subway, but now I’m craving that veggie sandwich. That looks so yummy!

    So what’s these cookies you throwing around this week and why haven’t you shared them with your favorite nieces? I expect a bag next time we see you. Thanks in advance. 😉


  2. If you took off the avacado (I just can’t do it) that sandwhich looks yummy!!
    And how sweet of you to make her chocolate chip cookies to make her feel better – you’re a good mommy!


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