Pretty please with a cherry on top!

This week for Friday Food Fight I’ve decided to get a little fruity!

I love the produce section of my grocery store and how the fruits and veggies change with the seasons.  A few months ago it was blueberries and strawberries that were in season, now it’s cherries and peaches!

Last night I got out the watermelon and a big bowl of cherries and served them as an after dinner treat.  It wasn’t till all the watermelon was gone that I though I should snap a picture for today! Doh!

So here I’m flinging some cherries your way for Friday Food Fight!

To join our Friday Food Fight, post a picture of your favorite food, meal, snack
or drink.  Of course, we’d love to see you enjoying your tasty treat, but you
don’t have to be in the picture.  Then on Friday, post your drool inducing photo
and link up here.  

2 thoughts on “Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  1. Life is a bowl of cherries! I love all the summer fruits. My Emma and I can devour some cherries. Yum!

    I expected to see photos of your yummy Indian dish from Bombay Masala. Next week! We’ll have to bring Karen and those boys there. Or maybe Erich can pick up some tonight. 😉


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