Hooray For Bombay… Masala!

So a couple of weeks back I headed to the mall for a sale at Macy’s with mine and my brother’s family along for the ride! It was a good day and Denise, my brothers wife, helped me pick out a couple of really cute tops!

As we were about to leave I started to feel a panic attack come on! Usually I would bolt and head for home, but I knew how much everyone wanted to go to Bombay Masala for dinner so I decided to push through.

I kept telling myself… okay look if you’re gonna have a panic attack would you rather go home and feel deflated or would you rather stick it out and be with family who love and support you?

Answer: Duh! Family of course!

I ended up pushing through and I’m glad I did because it was the best Indian Tikka Masala I’ve had in ages!

So I wanna share my victory dinner with you for our Friday Food Fight as well as send out a big thank you to my brother and his wife Denise over a RunDMT for being so supportive I love you guys! x

One thought on “Hooray For Bombay… Masala!

  1. Aww shucks! I didn’t expect a shout out. How sweet! xox But oh yum! That was a good dinner. You earned it for sure pushing through that panic attack. That was a bad one, but good for you for getting through it. (((HUGS)))


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