Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty!

So this weekend hubby and I dropped Meggers off with my mum and headed out to my sister in-laws 40th birthday party!

At first it seemed the odds were stacked against us going, my anxiety was being a bear and hubby managed to pull something in his back the morning of the party. 

With that being said and after a lot of ass kicking threats from the birthday girl herself we pushed through like the proper pair of invalids we were and had a fantastic time.

Of course I couldn’t have done it without the help of these lovely ladies!

From left to right:  My lovely sister Karen from If I Could Escape, Mwah, the fabulous and newly turned forty Denise from Run DMT, and her ever so funny sister Simone!

The love heart comes courtesy of a very nice drunk lady who in fact was getting her *cough* sexy on at the table behind us, with someone I assumed to be her husband, although… there is no ring on her finger? Hmmm!

Apparently I came in pretty handy at the party! 

Who needs Serta? pftt!

Erm… I’m not entirely sure what happened here? 

 It seems by the end of the night hubby was like who are these people?  My sister thought she was Nixon, I decided to give Gene Simmons a run for his money by erm…licking my purse? and Simone went cross eyed!   Good Times!

So this little Monday Music Moves me Rock Anthem (by LMFAO) goes out to the birthday girl and all the fabulous folk who helped her ring in forty!

9 thoughts on “Lordy Lordy Look Who’s Forty!

  1. Man, they stole my moves! LOL What FREAKING awesome song! Perfect for the night! Thanks for pushing through your anxiety and hanging with us! It means a lot that you were there. xox


  2. Who was doin’ what on the table behind you??? LMAO Too Too funny! That sounds like one swingin’ party I must say! So glad fun was had by all though! Thanks for playin’ along with us & love your choice. Party song if Ive ever heard one for sure!


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