Holy Mother Of God…

… that’s one big (insert expletive) spider!!!!

I thought I was being relatively calm considering my previous arachnid encounters, but according to my husband apparently not!

Do you blame me?  ((shudders))

Turns out it was a brown widow which can give quite a nasty bite. 

I had to laugh when we watched the video back and I heard myself become an expert on it’s fighting stance and baby carrying capabilities!

 Umm… yeah I was not happy hubby felt it was impressive enough to save from the pool and toss over the fence! 

He kept teasing me and saying in his best Scottish accent…

“Aye lass it’s watching you wi’ it’s wee beady eyes!”

Apologies to all the entomologists out there, but I would prefer it be dead than know it was lurking somewhere  in my back yard.

I’m sooo not gonna sleep tonight!




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