Love Me Tender

Today I’m a nervous wreck!

Meg went back to school and we’re supposed to get the results of her MRI at the latest tomorrow!

I don’t even know how to explain how I’m feeling?  If the MRI comes back clean we’ll be excited and then confused as to why she’s had the relapse in seizures and if it doesn’t come back clean… well I don’t even want to think about the path we might be on then.

Anyway, hoping to keep my shit together today and just keep moving forward.

Today my Music Monday song is dedicated to my beautiful daughter Meg, it’s a really nice cover of Love Me Tender by Norah Jones!

9 thoughts on “Love Me Tender

  1. Perfect song choice. Sending many prayers of comfort your way and waiting on bated breath until I get a phone call from you. (((HUGS))) Give Meg some hugs and kisses from us too.


  2. Perfect song, my friend! I shall keep your love in my prayers! What a gorgeous little precious young lady! I have a Mom in heaven, and I’ll ask her to pull; some strings for the love of your life. What a priceless smile too! I’m going for a MRI tomorrow too, but being allergic to iodine I have to take special pills that why I’m up so late. It’s okay though with today’s medicine things are much brighter then ten years ago. Prayers are so powerful too! And… SO ARE HUGS! HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZ Take care!


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