Sunday Snapshot – Pumpkin Patch Fun

A fun Day In The Pumpkin Patch With My Cousins!

*In the voice of Oliver Twist*

Please mummy can I have this pumpkin?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot – Pumpkin Patch Fun

  1. What better way to bring in the Fall season then with a nice family trip to the pumpkin patch? 🙂 My family goes every year, and we pick one PERFECT pumpkin. When we get home we find the best stencle and then carve it. Fall is the best season becasue there is so much to do outside in the cool air! And I think Fall has the best treats. Cider, Apples( cooked all ways), pumpkin…and all the warm yummy meals:)


    1. I happen to agree with you Margie! I LOVE the fall it’s my favorite time of the year along with th winter season!! I love the smells, the family time and the fab weather! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :0) Hope you can join in with a photo next week! :0)


  2. Cute photos! Those girls are so precious! We had such a nice day with you. I need to post my photos on FB for you.

    Sorry I missed your linky party. I promise to link up next week. 🙂


  3. Thank you for your post, I was saddened this Halloween because I as not able to find a single pumpkin to carve this year! Usually my family goes to the pumpkin patch but this year we could not make it. So when I went to the store 2 days ago to get one to carve…they were all gone:( Better luck at thanksgiving!


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