Epilepsy… Talk About It Y’all!

I will keep this post at the top of my blog and the link open for the entire month of November!

Be sure to scroll down to see newer posts and lets

Talk About It!

It’s November which means its National Epilepsy Awareness Month and time to

Talk About It!

 Did you know that over 3 million Americans and 50 million people around the world live with some form of Epilepsy?!

My daughter Meg is one of them!


We will be spending the month of November talking about Epilepsy and dispelling some of the ridiculous myths associated with it!

For instance…

Did you know some people think if you have Epilepsy you can’t play sports or be active?


Tell that to Chanda Gun a goalie on the women’s Hockey team during the 2006 Winter Olympics or to Bobby Jones one of the most admired defenders to ever wear an NBA uniform! 

People with Epilepsy CAN play sports and have fun, they just have to be seizure smart about it and make sure their friends, coaches and fellow team mates are educated.

While epilepsy has had its challenges for my daughter, it has never stopped her from playing a sport and certainly doesn’t stop her from having fun!

Maybe you or someone you know lives with Epilepsy?

 Come on y’all let’s get people talking about it! 

Share your story, dispel a myth or just tell people to Talk About It on your blog and then come back and link up by clicking on the little froggy fellow below! 

I will keep this post at the top of my blog and the link open for the entire month of November!

Be sure to scroll down to see newer posts and lets

Talk About It!




7 thoughts on “Epilepsy… Talk About It Y’all!

  1. Have linked to my story as requested! I have to be *very* seizure smart and don’t dare go out alone for my own safety, because I just never know when my seizures will strike. However, I still enjoy gardening and exercising on my Wii Fit, and I still love to swim when I get the opportunity (not often enough, sadly).

    Your daughter is adorable and, as a member of Epilepsy Action over here in the UK, I’m so very grateful to you and others like you who are going out of their way to draw attention to this neurological disorder. Thank you!


  2. Thank you! We love the Wii Fit too! As a matter of fact I’m ace at the ski jump! LOL Where abouts in the UK are you? I grew up in North Yorkshire and moved here when I was about 14.


    1. I’d completely forgotten about Ski Jump, as it’s been a while – I used to be on Lyrica and it caused awful tendonitis (so bad that I had to buy a walking stick) and made me horribly overweight and ill. I dropped 3st within 6 months after stopping it. I’m an ex semi-pro swimmer and athelete and so I found the whole weight thing incredibly distressing because I couldn’t even get up from a kneeling position without help any more – much less do anything else!

      My favourites on the Wii Fit are probably Penguin Slide and Tight Rope, while my husband likes to jog, Segway and do that flying thing. It was under advice of my GP that I bought the Wii Fit and I’ve never been sorry!

      I was actually born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, but after my marriage broke down I lived in various other places (Manchester, Hull, Birmingham, Matlock, even Llandudno). I live with my husband in Chelmsford, Essex now – and have never felt more at home than I do here!


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