Snapshot Sunday – Pampered!

Every once in a while you just have to treat yourself!

I’ve been challenging my anxiety and doing things outside my comfort zone a lot lately!  Some things may seem inconsequential to others, but to me they’re huge, they make me smile and feel good inside, not to mention they feel like steps in the right direction!  So why not give my feet a little pizzaz to take those steps!

Join in the fun and share your favorite picture of the week by itself or with a story if it moves you!

We look forward to sharing photos with you!

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7 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Pampered!

  1. Oooh get those glamorous toes! Good for you Miss Kirsten, you truly deserved a treat and a pampering. Well done for stepping outside of ‘the zone’. That must have taken guts and determination, but wow – RESULT! 🙂 x


  2. Why not challenge yourself and get pampered while doing it? Celebrate small successes! Good for you, Girl! So proud of you!!!! xox

    I linked up today! WOOHOO! 🙂


  3. I’m still figuring out how to post photos here on WordPress and don’t have any recent ones to share anyway! I do, however, have a story.

    Similar to you I suffer from a level of anxiety disorder which is all tied in with my strangely-wired brain. For me it’s very much about body image, and even at my prettiest (when I was 17) I always thought that I looked fat or plain or something.

    This year I had a lot of extra weight on me caused by Lyrica – an anti-seizure drug – and I was the largest I’ve ever been in my life. I spent all year waiting for my four front teeth to be removed because the enamel had literally crumbled away and left me with these horrible, painful brown things that I couldn’t clean. I was allowed off the Lyrica and I slowly began to lose weight.

    One day I was looking back at old journal entries and wishing I had photographs of this event or that one, when I realised something. Maybe I was fat and maybe I had bad teeth which would be getting removed and replaced by partials (which are due to be fitted in February) but so what? I have a somewhat restricted life due to my disabilities and I ought to enjoy and record every wonderful moment, appearance be damned! Get in front of the camera more and to hell with how *I* think I look – I have a family who want to remember me, whatever age I am and whatever I weigh.

    So, my favourite photo from this year was taken in early September. It’s a picture of my son and I at a countryside pub in my hometown; we’re stood back-to-back with beautiful scenery behind us, both of us grinning broadly at the camera. There I am in my black trilby and my favourite summer dress, with my apple cheeks, extra chin and bad teeth on show for the world to see.

    And you know what? I look bloody wonderful – because I was genuinely happy that day, just being with my gorgeous sun on a beautiful late-summer morning.

    I’ve since lost the extra weight and the bad teeth have mercifully been removed, but I still look at that picture of the chubby-faced middle-ager with a handsome teenager and grin like an idiot 🙂


    1. Tribble,
      Thank you so much for sharing that story! I wish I had the picture to link up for you! My anxiety started out of the blue about twelve or thirteen years ago. I have struggled something terrible with it and over the years I’ve allowed my world to become smaller and smaller as a result of fear! Now it seems as though it will take an eternity to fully be comfortable with myself again and do tasks that once came so easily, but I will not give up! So when I make small accomplishments I celebrate them! My self-esteem is not what it once was, but I’m hoping to slowly reclaim it! I’m glad you were able to share that special moment with your son and that you’re able to look back and see how far you’ve come! xx


      1. I shall definitely try to link to that photo, because other friends who have seen it tell me that they smile every time they see it – and making people smile is what I’m all about!

        I’m so glad that my story has been an inspiration to you; regaining inner self-worth is definitely no easy task, but it’s so very worth it – not just for the individual, but for those around them. I gradually came to realise that the only person who minded that I’m not truly able-bodied or that I’m no Claudia Schiffer is me.

        I recently put away a photograph of myself that was taken on my 30th birthday, when I was still young, fit, healthy and beautiful. After torturing myself with it for years I realised that no amount of looking at the photo would bring that young girl back and that I need to accept the changes in myself over the last eight years. I’m who I am, I’m alive to love and be loved and that’s the most important thing.

        You will get there, I promise. Tenacity always wins out, and I believe that you have plenty of it 🙂


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