All I want for Chirstmas…

We’ve been busy the last few weeks putting up the Christmas tree…

and decorating the house a little bit for Christmas!

We’ve also been doing a little baking…

making ornaments…

 donating gently played with toys and visiting Santa!

I think it’s really easy to get wrapped up in the commercial idea of Christmas, but this year we’ve decided not to stress over presents, I mean of course we’ll make sure Moo has a few things to open on Christmas morning, but we also want to enjoy the simple things like being with family and friends, everything else is just cake!

So this week Meggers and I picked Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber (hey it’s Meg she loves the Biebster what can I say?) singing All I Want For Christmas!

15 thoughts on “All I want for Chirstmas…

  1. Love your tree and your home looks so festive and ready for Christmas!
    The cookies look delicious and it sounds like you are in the spirit of things!
    Loved your song pick 🙂


  2. Okay, first of all that is an absolutely GORGEOUS tree. Totally love it. It should be in Good Housekeeping magazine for sure & your home too. Oh my gosh, your snowflakes started to fall on my screen & the first one coming down I had to look twice cuz I thought it was a spider, but then here comes more. WHEW! I hate the little buggers. Also, speaking of dislikes I watched this whole video & now no one can’t say I didn’t watch the whole thing. I still don’t like it. Love Mariah & HER song. The kid needs to go find Kids on the block or something. Thanks for playin along! You should give tips about decorating! You’re good mama!


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