I was blind, but now I see!

Meg recently had her eyes tested and only she was disappointed with the results!

You see a lot of the girls in her class wear glasses and I guess she thought that was kind of cool and wanted to be part of the pack so to speak!

We explained that having perfect eyesight is a good thing! 

She wasn’t having it until we also told her she could get clear framed glasses from Claire’s just for fashion!

I was worried about her eyesight because she’d been tested at school and the results were poor! However, after a slew of tests performed by her Optometrist it turns out her eyes are just fine! *phew*


One thought on “I was blind, but now I see!

  1. Oh bless her! Of course, she’s right that glasses are cool (I have to say that, being a four-eyed geek girl lol) but you’re also right that she needn’t be in a hurry to aquire them!


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