My First, My Last, My Everything!

I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned somewhere in this blog that I’m a complete Chocoholic! 

*Raises hand*

Hi my name is Kirsten and I’m an addict!

I don’t know what it is about chocolate that’s so satisfying to me, maybe it’s the fact that chocolate releases those feel good endorphins into your brain?  Or… maybe it’s because all that creamy, chocolate goodness just tastes sooo good!

About a week or so ago hubby, Meggers and I were all at the mall so hubs could get his royal shave from The Art Of Shaving, which was an ultra cool gift his mum and step dad got him for Christmas (pics to come next week).  After he was done we headed on over to the Godiva store or as I like to call it the Go Diva store, but I digress!

My fellow chocolate lover and friend Beth over at Seeking My Sanity had let me in on a little chocolate secret. 

You can become a “Godiva Chocolate Rewards” card holder for free! 

 What? Why didn’t I know this? 

Yep apparently with this prestigious membership you can get a free piece of chocolate every month just by flashing your secret card.

*Cue mission impossible music*

Okay so maybe it isn’t quite as 007 as that, but I love to pretend it is and I can proudly say I’m now a member!

But do you blame me? I mean look…

Oh yeah baby!

*Cue Barry White*


Anyway, now you know about my sweet addiction go ahead and link up below to Run DMT’s Friday Food Fight for some more yummy goodness.




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