Anxiety Sucks!

It’s true!

It plain old, no doubt about it, royally sucks!

  It’s embarrassing, confidence breaking, frustrating not to mention it sometimes makes easy feel damn near impossible!  With that being said I am quite proud of myself today! I pushed through my anxiety and had a fabulous weekend!

  On friday we went with friends Rock and Bowling, which is when they turn on the black lights, turn up the loud music from the 50’s to the 80’s and bowl from 6 to midnight!  I suck at bowling, but had fun doing it non-the-less!

Then on Saturday we ventured into downtown Tampa for the Gasparilla Kids Parade! Last year I didn’t go and I really regretted it, so this year I was determined to go! I had one small, slightly embarrassing panic attack when I got a little claustrophobic in a port-o-potty, in the moment it felt big, but I pushed through and we had a brilliant time! 

Finally on Sunday we were invited over to a friends for their father’s birthday party!  It was such a beautiful day and the kids spent their time playing and catching fish! I brought my camera along and was able to play around with it and snap some cute pictures for them.

We had a really good weekend and I feel like I made myself and my family proud! 

If I knew yesterday what I knew today, where would I be tomorrow?  I won’t let my soul slide away, I’ll do whatever it takes because this time is only borrowed…

I got one life, one life, one life and I’m gonna live it!  I got one life, one life, one life and I’m gonna live it right!

5 thoughts on “Anxiety Sucks!

  1. Awwwww…Kirsty! You did great, mama!!! Small steps, honey and you’ll see you get back there. I’m here for you. xox

    Love your song choice, too. James Morrison is so soulful Everything he does is just like a warm, cozy blanket. You just want to wrap yourself up in his voice. I just love him.


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