New Favorites On My Playlist

I’ve been on a huge James Morrison kick lately, but seeing I’ve played a lot of James this last week… I thought I’d share a few other songs catching my fancy and making me wanna turn the stereo up lately!

First up is We Are Young By Fun!

  I can’t help feeling like this song should have been in a John Hughes movie! It has that classic 80’s, teenage angst feel to it!

And second up This Head I Hold by Electric Guest!

They have a cool vintage feel about them and I can’t stop myself from busting out my best 60’s Go Go moves out whenever this song comes on.

So tell me… what’s new on your playlist lately?

8 thoughts on “New Favorites On My Playlist

  1. This Head I Hold definitely has a vintage feel. I just added a bunch of Pitbull, I have no idea why, he is so not me and I added Flo Rida, yeah, again, not typically me and some Rhianna, guess I am trying some new music!


    1. Lucy it’s always good to try new things! 🙂 I have Justin Bieber on mine (granted for my daughter or so I tell people) so I don’t judge! I like me a little Pitbull every now and then and as for Flo Rida, I love I got a good feeling! lol


  2. I like the song We Are Young, but the video is just really weird.
    I can totally get dancing 60’s style to This Head I Hold, it has a fantastic beat.
    Thanks for sharing such great music. So glad to have you back with us, looking forward to your choices next Monday. Have a terrific week.


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