Get your sexy on… on Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day a woman likes a man to make her feel sexy even when she doesn’t feel it!  She wants him to make her feel like she’s the only woman in the room.  I know for me it doesn’t take much a touch, a look, a smile, a compliment or even a kiss! 

Maybe that makes me a little old school, because I’m happy with something as simple as a love letter, some candles and a cozy evening coupled with a sexy playlist of songs like this…

Neyo Sexy Love

Lost Without You Robin Thicke

T-Pain – 5 o’clock ft. Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen

Robin Thicke The Sweetest Love

Anything after that is just cake! 

What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day date or song?

9 thoughts on “Get your sexy on… on Valentine’s Day!

  1. I love that T-Pain song, but I have to lower the volume when it comes. I don’t want the kids asking questions! 😉

    I love me some Ne-Yo too. Great sexy HOT music picks, mama!


  2. Whoa Great songs and I haven’t heard a one, but I must say this Robin Thicke dude I mean DAM GIRL you look at him and you would never expect that voice to come out of him. It’s so high and sexy. I would’ve thought something low and whispery like. Wow – he is too HOT! THANKS for playing along and have a Happy Valentines Day.


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