Photography Prodigy… ish!

For a long time I’ve been insanely jealous of admired pictures my friends have taken with their amazing cameras!  If I wasn’t already sitting on the floor I would’ve fallen over when I unwrapped my Christmas present from hubby this year.

He got me a CANNON REBEL!!!

Thank you hunny! *blows kisses*

 Anxious to play with my new toy I headed over to my mum’s house!  She has a gorgeous piece of property and I love taking pictures there! Today I thought I’d share a few of those pictures…

Here’s Miss Meggers posing for me!

Taking a nature walk with her little cousin and sporting a different pair of sunglasses!

playing around with close up shots!

I didn’t realize I had my camera on a low quality setting for all the above pictures until my hubby got me some time with the guy at Ritz Camera!  (Shout out to Steve! *waves*) Armed with a little bit more knowledge I headed back over to mums to take a few more pics of the kids and some of the wildlife!

 The difference was amazing!

Miss Meggers and her cousin having fun with the hammock!

This one is a little blurred, but I love the smiles!

After the kids were done indulging me I spotted a little blue bird in my mum’s bird bath!

After cleaning himself he took to the trees to show off his gorgeous feathers!

I also spotted a woodpecker through the chain link fence…

who also wanted to take a little hiatus in the bird bath!  I hear it’s the hip and happening place to be for wildlife!

Party at the bird bath! *grin*

Oh and then finally there was a sassy little cardinal who told me off for taking it’s picture! 🙂

So there you have it! 🙂

I’m having a great time playing around with my camera and I’m looking forward to sharing more pictures as I learning how to use all of the fun settings!

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