Family Day At The Park!

This past Saturday we finally got a day where we had nothing planned so we decided to head down to the bookstore and the park!

It was a win win all round!

 I got to play with my camera, Meg got to just play and hubby got to check out the place where he wants to host his 40th birthday BBQ next month!


Meg’s not a fan of climbing structures like the one below, but she wanted to give it a go!

Go Meg!

Strolling along!  Meg was actually freezing here! While it was beautiful out the wind had picked up a bit!

So daddy gave her a ride back to the car!

I was so happy to find an alternative photo editing site to Picnik while browsing Pinterest, thank you Between Naps On The Porch!

I recommend  Be Funky, it’s what I used to play around with the photos above and I really like some of the results!

13 thoughts on “Family Day At The Park!

  1. I’ve never really edited my pictures very much. I’m just starting to play with editing. I might have to check out that site. You got some great results!


    1. I used to use picnik to crop, frame and create a little softness, but they’re closing and moving to google! I really like some of the fun stuff you can do with Be Funky without having to edit much at all you can create a whole new feel to your photograph! Love it! 🙂


    1. Yeah she does love her sunglasses! She had a seizure in Kindergarten outside, said the sun hurt her eyes and ever since will not go out in the bright sun without them! So now they’ve are a fashion staple in her wardrobe! 🙂


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