C’mon Kids We’re Bird Watching!!

C’mon kids we’re gonna do some bird watching!

Bird watching? Ooooo are you going to take pictures?

Um yeah… that’s a given!

Look a little yellow bird hanging off the Spanish moss!


I almost caught this little blue fellow hovering like a humming bird over the ground, missed it by a nano second and now I’m stalking him to get that shot!

I did however catch him nomming whatever it was he was after!

This woodpecker and I have become great friends! Expect to see more of this little guy in the future! 😉

I peeked my eldest nephews curiosity while shooting photos of the sky!  He was probably checking to see if I’d finally flown the coop!  I was actually trying to get pictures of a hawk, but t would fly too high or it would fly infront of the sun!  I gave my nephew a go at my camera and the lucky bugger caught this shot of him!  Nice one Tay!

All in all it was a nice relaxing day at my Mum’s house!


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