Learning To Walk Again

Some days I feel as though I have it all together and others not so much!  This week has felt particularly tough, laced with anxiety and stress!  I’m always worrying about the next seizure, school issues, anxiety and just the everyday things life throws at me! I feel like I need to occassionally take pause… and let it all go!  I have so many things on my mind, things I need and want to do, yet it feels as though many of them are out of reach at the moment!  I have to remind myself to relax and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

I’m very grateful for all I have and the people in my life, there are just some days I want to pull the covers over my head and shut the world out! Maybe I’m just getting older and less tolerable? Or… maybe its just some days I feel overwhelmed and need to take a breath, to start over?

Today I picked Foo Fighters Walk because it sums up how I’ve been feeling!  In the words of Daniel Tosh (Nice plug? I know right! And it was free, you’re welcome!)…

For that Foo Fighters… I thank you!

7 thoughts on “Learning To Walk Again

  1. Great song! Especially for when you are having a really crappy day.
    Love the video… those are some of the things I would like to do some days.
    I totally get the idea of wanting to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head. Hope you are able to manage the anxiety. I’m doing pretty well by seeing my doctor and taking my meds.
    Thanks for playing along with us this week and hope to see you again next Monday. =)


  2. Hmmmm never heard this one before that’s kinda of weird I thought I’ve heard all their songs. Great choice. Love the video though wouldn’t ya just want to do that in some of these fast food places. They got this great picture of this great sandwich and you get something that looks like something on the bottom of somebody’s shoe. GROSS! Then just smash in the manager’s face. That would be awesome. hehehehehe Thanks for joining us & have a rockin’ week. Hope to see you next week too!


  3. Now, isn’t this the truth? This song and video really capture it all. Thankfully, my days haven’t been quite this bad. However, I certainly know what it feels like when nothing seems to be going right in my day. Luckily I don’t experience too many of those. I hope you’re feeling better today. Thanks for dancing with us on the Love Train and linking up this week. Have an excellent day!


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