Savage Attack on Epilepsy

I read an article in the Huffington Post this morning that just made my blood boil! It led me to believe that right-wing radio host Michael Savage doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground when it comes to Epilepsy!

Putting the ongoing heated disputes between Republicans and Democrats aside! Trying to use epilepsy as the reason Roberts upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act and trying to discredit him based on idea that his epilepsy might have made him a little slow or cognitively challenged is appalling! Obviously he was not to slow or cognitively challenged to go through the rigorous schooling needed to become a Judge or to be nominated as the 17th Chief Justice of the United States! As a mom of a child with epilepsy all I can say is how very dare you Mr. Savage!

There are many accomplished people who have epilepsy! What’s unfortunate here is the fact that you are perpetuating a myth in suggesting a person who has endured a seizure or who takes medication for epilepsy is not capable of making an informed decision! It is hard enough for the epilepsy community to dispel the myths and stigmas that surround epilepsy and you sir are not making it any easier! You should be ashamed of yourself for such an attack!

In the future, as you are scavenging around for information that you feel might make your political point and/or resonate with your listeners please take into consideration what you are planning to say and those you are affecting in doing so!

Michael Savage Links Justice John Roberts’ Epilepsy Medication To Obamacare Ruling

You can find some great information and get to know the facts and myths associated with epilepsy by clicking on this LINK or visiting Talk About It or the Epilepsy Foundation websites!

7 thoughts on “Savage Attack on Epilepsy

  1. such a strange story…

    I have been mulling this over quite a bit, because as you know, we discuss our side effects quite often. I don’t always know if the times I am happy or irritable it is a side effect or just plain life.

    lately, I am wondering if I have a new side effect — dealing with comments like those from Michael Savage.


  2. I don’t know who this guy is, not being on your side of the pond, but he should feel very lucky that he is never going to meet me. This is horrendous.


  3. Everyone is indeed different and when it comes to the lasting effects of seizures or side effects of meds blanket statements are simply wrong.

    I know that I have marginally slowed function, straight after a partial but who can blame me. However I get to 100% quite quickly after. With no lasting effcts. I would not be able to be a teacher otherwise! This guy is another example of misinformation, of plain ignorance by selecting what suits.

    But to be honest, remarks like this don’t suprise me. Especially when in other parts of the word we would be assumed to be possessed.Also in the UK I think people were people with epilepsy were but in asylums right up to the 1950s, just for good measure.

    Thanks, Ant


      1. The guy wasn’t apologetic at all and continues to say this “mystery doctor” told him he needed to get that information out there! I can’t stand it when people cherry pick information to fit their agendas!


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