Orlando Magic Supports Epilepsy

I’ve always wanted to go to a basketball game and our family is getting the opportunity to go see the Orlando Magic in November thanks to the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida! I’m really excited because not only will we see our first game, but the Orlando Magic will be mentioning Epilepsy during the halftime show and allowing a group of us to make signs before the game! What a great way to spread awareness!

Our tickets finally arrived in the mail today!

Ever since I opened the envelope I’ve had this song stuck in my head!

Meg is so excited and we can’t wait to go!

The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults with epilepsy and seizure disorders throughout Central Florida. Not only does EACF provide services for those with epilepsy and seizure disorders, but we also offer many programs and opportunities for your office/community/church group to learn more about epilepsy. ~Epilepsy Association of Central Florida~

5 thoughts on “Orlando Magic Supports Epilepsy

  1. Selena is a cutie, isn’t she? I just came from Amanda’s blog Blogger Broadcast and she has a different Selena song up and commented how I just haven’t listened to too much of Selena’s music. I think it’s mainly because she’s got that whole youthful (bubblegum pop) sound going for her right now. Not to say, I don’t like it or anything, but it’s just not my groove. That being said, I did enjoy this song very much, though. Thanks for continuing to dance with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me! Enjoy the basketball game!


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