Epilepsy The Thief


Epilepsy is a thief! It steals my daughter for minutes that seem like hours and renders me helpless.  It brings fear!  Fear of losing her, fear she’ll be bullied, fear of letting go, fear she’ll be treated as less, but…

epilepsy has taught me we are fighters, we are stronger than we thought and we will NEVER give up or lose hope!  We are determined to keep educating and searching until a cure is found and epilepsy is locked away for good.

Epilepsy is heartbreak, but it is also happiness in the people we’ve met who we might never have known without it!  Epilepsy is seizures, fears, tests, surgeries, medications, statistics, stigmas, tears, but it will not… it can not break me!

4 thoughts on “Epilepsy The Thief

  1. You’re doing a great job with Meg. Its not easy on anyone but you guys are coming out on top. Its the worst thing in the world to have our children suffer and us not be able to do anything about it. Love you!


  2. You are a fighter. We need this in the search to find control and a cure for epilepsy. I am sorry seizures have intruded into your life, but I am also grateful you are standing up to this beast. Thank you from everyone who has had to face this condition!


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