Laminated List Revised

So according to my sister over at If I could Escape it’s time! 

Time to revisit the laminated list! 

 What is that you say? 

 Well,  basically if you had a free pass, a “laminated” free pass to shag 10 celebrities without repercussion it’s who you would pick?  So without further adieu here it is…




I have to explain my first pick!

You see…

I made a promise on twitter to Jimmy Fallon that if he followed me he’d be number one on my list!

A few seconds later this happened…


Little did he know I’d put him on my list anyway!  Especially after his AWESOME job at the Emmys!

So here he is…

number one on my laminated list…

Jimmy Fallon! 

 He’s bringing sexy back to late night people!

Thanks @JimmyFallon for following me!  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Okay number two is…

 Zachary Levi from Chuck!  Love the Nerd Herd!

Number three is…

Johnny Depp!  He just oozes sexy!

Number four is…

Dermot Mulroney!  Just love him!

Number five is…

The lovely Brad Pitt!  Oh hush you know you would too!

Number six would be his partner in crime or at least in the movies…

George Clooney!  Let’s just say I wouldn’t turn him away on a cold night! *Grin*


Number seven is…

Hugh Jackman!  He can be my wolverine any day!

Number eight…

The very talented Robert Downey Jr.!

Number nine…

We’ve stalked followed him on twitter (@peabee72: @LizJarvisUK @tara_cain @ificouldescape @himupnorth @kateab and I)! 

 It’s the ever political John Cusack!

Finally number ten…

David Duchovny!  He’s brilliant in Californication!


So there you have it my laminated list revisited!  So who’d be on your list? 

Trying to get hubby to tell me who he’d pick, he said he’d have to sit down and think about it.

Yeah right!

I know Selma Hayek would probably be number one as he was glued to the screen watching her in Desperado and Dusk till Dawn! 

Anyway, thanks again Jimmy Fallon!  You Rock!

8 thoughts on “Laminated List Revised

  1. And Mr Fowler is absolutely right. Remove him from your list and your thoughts this instant or I may have to send Dave Fowler round to sort you out.
    I’ll just scroll up and take another look at him first . . . . Hmmmmmmm


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  3. I personally do not care for those typically considered “hotties” such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney – probably because they are too full of themselves.

    But putting Dermot Mulroney on here is BRILLIANCE! I love, love, love him!

    I also love Mr. Downey. Can’t get enough of those eyes! And, also because of the eyes, I love Rob Lowe. I think he looks even better now than when he was younger.

    Hugh Jackman is a doll. As is Gerard Butler. But I don’t love them like I used to.

    He isn’t famous but you have to add CaptiousNut (or at least his abs) to this list. You can see his hunkiness here:

    I would also have to add Tom Selleck to my personal list. Still hot after all these years.

    And Derek Jeter and Colin Ferrell and Cristián de la Fuente and…

    As you can see I give a lot of thought to this topic! 😉


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