Lens-Artist Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky – Do you see what I see?

Do you see it?

Bear with me, this challenge is a little tricky. See what I did there? Everyone loves a pun, right?

I was ever so kindly invited to join the Len-Artists Challenge by Donna over at Wind Kisses. However, after seeing some of the brilliant and oh so cleverly creative photos I feel sheepishly amateur and completely like a fish out of water. You all are so brilliant, I mean that whole heartedly.

It’s tricky starting out in photography. There’s so much to learn. Aperture, ISO, shutter speed… cameras, settings, lenses… it can all become quite overwhelming. I think that’s why, sometimes, I alternate between my camera and my IPhone… well, that and convenience. Being creative can also be challenging, knowing when, where or what you want to shoot, but I digress…

I do love that moment when something catches your eye and sparks an idea, like the bear I saw above in the bark of a sycamore tree, riddled with holes created by a Red-headed Woodpecker, in my backyard.

I really enjoy playing with my camera even if I don’t always necessarily understand how I arrived at a shot, but like you say “the fun part is the journey.” Here are a few of my favorite shots, each a little tricky in there own way. thanks again for the invite.

4 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky – Do you see what I see?

  1. I think you nailed it! You DO have an eye for photography and you displayed it here. I think you will find lots of photographers go back and forth with their iPhones. I loved the egret, the one of your daughter looking at the art, and I laughed at the fun hedgehog. Thank you for joining. The group sends out another challenge every Saturday at noon (EST). Well done, Donna

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