Skeleton treats and a Giveaway!

Okay so I had something totally halloweeny and cool set up for todays Friday Food Fight… 

No… Really I did! 

 Unfortunately, due to a to a chocolate melting disaster… Shhh! Don’t tell! I really can bake I promise! *grin*

 I’ve postponed making these fabulous Halloween treats till Sunday so we can make them with some good friends of ours.

However, I’m still going to share these superbly cute and fun treats today incase someone else wants make them for Halloween!

So without further adieu…

 I found these cute Skeleton treats in the void that is on Pinterest are you ready?


Idea and picture borrowed from

Aren’t they freakin’ cute!!!

I thought so too…

So here’s how we plan on recreating these bad boys on Sunday!

First we’re going to make a pan of brownies and cut them into two-inch squares.

Next we’ll be dipping our pretzels in melted white chocolate and setting them aside to dry.

Once they’re dry, we’ll place a bamboo stick into the brownie and stack our chocolate covered pretzels (aka the skeleton rib cage) onto it.

Using black piping gel we’ll recreate these fabulous faces and place them at the tippy top of our rib cage to finish off our skeleton treat.

So easy and so cute! 

 I promise to post pictures of how ours turn out!

Okay so now I’ve shared this SpOOkTaCulAr treat I have a question for you…

Did you know that today is our 1 year anniversary of hosting Food Fight Friday?

Woot Woot!

My sister-in-law Denise over at Run DMT is doing a fabulous giveaway, she’s giving away one of our favorite cook books in celebration of all the fabulous food we’ve shared!

The Joy Of Cooking!

What are you still doing here?

Go… Click this link –> Run DMT 

2 thoughts on “Skeleton treats and a Giveaway!

  1. OMIGOD! I love those! They are too cute! The girls would love to make those treats.

    So here’s the know I’m kind of lazy when it come to cooking. I mean I have my moments of awesomeness, but I if I can find a shortcut, I will totally take that route. Having said all that…for these bag of bones, I would bake some brownies, use already dipped yogurt covered pretzels or white chocolate covered pretzels for the bones (I think Rold Gold sells some.) and a marshmallow for the head. Wilton sells a felt tip markers specifically for food decorating. They work really well and you could draw your face on the marshmallow with the markers. Viola! Total time saver! Ain’t I genius?

    Thanks for the shout out about the giveaway! xox It’s been a fun-food flinging year, hasn’t it? 🙂


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