Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Friday night, I was beaming with pride as my little Moo, ever so nervous, took to the stage in her first big role debuting as Toto in The Wizard Of Oz!

 Nervously turning her earring and smiling at the crowd, she was determined to be the best little Toto she could!

Amongst all the butterflies, we noticed she’d completely forgotten to take off her bright purple sunglasses!


Later we told her it made Toto the coolest dog in town!

As the play went along I saw her nerves disappear and her confidence grow as she let out each ruff, ruff and performed alongside her cast mates!

I chuckled along with the crowd and snapped pictures as cows swirled around her head during the tornado scene.

My heart melted as I watched her sing “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz!” and skip down the yellow brick road with her friends!

On the second night, as she entered the stage, she wasn’t nearly as nervous as she had been on opening night! She had a beautiful confidence about her and I felt a lump in my throat as she turned and gave me a thumbs up in the middle of the play!

Well done Meg, well done!  There aren’t enough words to express how proud I am of you!

11 thoughts on “Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. Bravo! Bravo!…..I was going to go and completely forgot about it Kirsten! I wish you had called and reminded me dangit! I have to place blame somewhere…lol. Did anyone video tape it??


  2. She was the best toto I’ve ever seen. Just too cute. As far as the video Katherine McPhee’s version was right up there with Judy Garland I’ll tell you. It has to be the best performance on American Idol to date. I love it. Thanks for sharing with us and joining us with your little Toto and your pride of joy.


  3. Katherine McPhee really did a fabulous job on Over the Rainbow – one of the best ever! Your daughter looks adorable. What fun memories she’s gonna have with such great Kodak moments you caught. Thanks for linking up and sharing. Next week bring a friend with you so we can grow this dance party to mega proportion!

    Love Train Presents: One Hit Wonders!


  4. How totally adorable, and I agree that the purple sunglasses make the outfit.
    They grow up so fast, she’ll be on broadway any day. =)
    Love the song you picked, to honor you little bug.


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