Easter Sunday… What a Fun Day!!


What a great Easter we had!  We got up early in the morning because we had to be at Meghan’s friend Madisons house at 9:30AM for their annual Easter Egg hunt.  It was lots of fun and Meghan enjoyed playing with her friends and running around finding Easter Eggs.  We left around 11:30AM because we were due at Grandma’s house on the water for Noon, we were a little late got there about 1 ish.  We stopped to pick Meghan up a fishing pole so that she could fish off the dock with daddy.

My anxiety was a little up when we first got there but started to calm down as I started to get settled in.  I have this fear of passing out, it’s part of the whole anxiety thing.. Uggh!   I get these palpatations that make me feel like I’m going to pass out, sometimes when I’m going into social situations or driving long distances I start to panic a little thinking about the whole passing out thing.  I’ve been able to tell myself, if you pass out at least you’ll be with family or friends and they’ll take care of you and this seems to sometimes put the anxiety at ease.

Grandma had been cooking as usual and everything smelled wonderful.  The house on the water was beautiful and it was a perfect day.  The kids played upstairs chasing each other around and playing hide and seek.  We caught up with each other and had a few laughs while mum put some finishing touches on the yummy eats. 

After we ate the kids went searching for eggs (real ones), mum and Rusch gave the kids a quarter for every egg they found, Meghan made $5.00 and was super excited to go hunting for eggs with her cousins and her Aunty Isobel. 

After the Easter Egg Hunt everyone went to the dock to sit and soak up the sun.  Erich and Meghan did some fishing and then it was time to break out the boats.  Karen and Isobel were the first to get in the paddle boat, then Taylor and Cameron hopped on board and it was funny to see them trying to turn the boat around.  Jamie jumped into a canoe with Rusch and Taylor got into a kayak. 

Again, the anxiety reared it’s head, I guess when I get a little stressed or nervous it comes out to remind me it’s there.  I was proud of myself though, I relinquished some of the control and Meghan had a great time fishing on the dock and getting into the paddle boat (for me this is HUGE).  My mind was going a mile a minute thinking what if the sunlight on the water causes a seizure, what if they’re way out there and she has a seizure, what if she falls in, what if, what if, what if….. I smiled through gritted teeth, waved and let go. 

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