What motherhood is to me….

My sister told me about a contest where you enter a picture that you think captures motherhood and with Mothers Day around the corner it got me thinking about what motherhood means to me….

The more I thought about motherhood the harder it was to narrow down what I thought it might mean to me.  I came to the conclusion that Motherhood, for me, can’t be summed up in one word,  a picture or a sentence because the word encompasses so many meanings. 

Motherhood is giving birth to life.

Motherhood is staying up all hours of the night to fight a fever.

Motherhood is learning to sneak veggies into your picky eathers food.

Motherhood is making them laugh and smile.

Motherhood is being there to wipe away their tears.

Motherhood is teaching them right from wrong.

Motherhood is helping them discover new things.

Motherhood is learning how to make simple things into big adventures.

Motherhood is overcoming obsticles and learning how to smile through them.

Motherhood is being their to hold their hand.

Motherhood is knowing when to let them spread their wings and take flight.

Motherhood is passed down through generations.

Motherhood is keeping them safe, happy, and healthy.

Motherhood is an amazing journey that I was blessed to take and is an ongoing journey for me.

Happy Mothers Day to all the women on the journey we call Motherhood.


One thought on “What motherhood is to me….

  1. Great post! There are so many amazing blessings that come with being a mother. I personally never wanted to be a mother, but now that I am I feel like I could never, EVER go back. Motherhood is amazing! (And really sucky too at times! lol)


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