Laminated List??

This list has since been revised and you can find my new list HERE!

Ok my sister will not leave me alone till I post my Laminated List.  What’s a laminated list? you say.  I had no idea either till I was tagged by my sister and googled it.  Basically if you had a free pass, a “laminated” free pass to shag 10 celebrities without reprecussion who would you pick? 

Apparently there was a Friends episode where the Laminated List consisted of 5 people, however… through the blogosphere it increased to 10, which is good because narrowing it down to 5 would prove difficult and I gave my sister a hard time about shortening her list of 50…lol 

Oh btw, Boondocks and Fairy Cakes I’m tagging you if your reading this, I expect to see your lists up soon (anyone else who happens to chance by I’m tagging you too, just post your link in my comments so I can check out your lists too) Grin.  Truth be known, hubby would happily serve me divorce papers for any of the following  So here goes….

My first 3 choices are any of the modern day rat pack….

George Clooney – Yummy!

Matt Damon – Cute and Funny (you tube Sarah Silverman’s I’m “Bleeping” Matt Damon, Excellent!)

Brad Pitt – For those who say you wouldn’t, I totally think your

Dermot Mulroney – Just plain sexy, one of my personal favorites, love his voice and the little scar on his upper right lip. Mmmmm!

Denzel Washington – I’ve always thought he was hunky, love his mouth, it’s a teeth thing, which leads me to my next selection….

 Christian Bale – Especially in Batman Returns!  Another teeth fetish, he has that vampirish look about him LOVE THAT!

David Beckham – Victoria is one lucky lass!! (see teeth thing again).

Hugh Jackman – With or without the sideburns… Grin!

Johnny Depp – Is there a Laminate List he’s not on (girls or boys)?

Patrick Dempsey – He’s been cute since the 80’s love him! 

Ok Kaz I’ll admit it was a little harder than I thought so here are some honorable mentions..  Tim McGraw, Viggo Mortensen, Clive Owen, Russell Crowe, Matthew Mcconaughey, Will Smith, The Guy from 300, can’t remember his name, etc… the list could go on and on so in good ol’ Looney Tune fashion Th-th-th-That’s All Folks!

8 thoughts on “Laminated List??

  1. See, it is hard! I was so torn about gary linekar, david beckham, johnny depp, MM, david duchovny etc etc and, er, david gregory — yes I know, but smart = sexy, right? Well done lass!


  2. I agree with Karen and say David Duchovny belongs up there with the likes of George Clooney.
    If you want to see some good Christian Bale before he was famous, rent “Newsies”. Gorgeous and trying to rock a New York accent!


  3. That is a great list. I think mine would be very similar. Except I would have to add Will Smith. I’ve had this weird crush on him forever. Love him! And Blair Underwood. Um! And Antonio Sabato Jr. So good!
    Okay. I’d better stop. 😉


  4. Sprite – Will be gearing up the popcorn for Newsies!

    Kathryn – I had Mr. Smith in my honorable mentions but completely forgot about Antonio Sabato Jr. YUM!!!


  5. Wow – nice list. I agree with most and would have to add David Duchovany as Sprite said above, Jason Statham (handsome Rob in the Italian Job and he was in The Transporter). And Tom Welling. He is currently on Smallville as Clark Kent and was in Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin – the oldest son. YUM MO!


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