"Snip Up Some Silly Spiders"



It’s Magic Marker Monday again over at 5 Minutes For Special Needs. I found a cute and super easy Spider Craft in Woman’s World Magazine this week I wanted to share. 

What you’ll need for each spider…

Paper Cup

Black marker or dimensional paint


Pipe cleaners


wiggly eyes

paper for fangs

pencil & yarn for hanging

If you plan on hanging your spider, use pencil to make hole in bottom of cup, thread yarn through the hole and knot on the inside of the cup to create hanging string.

Flip cup upside down and cut 4 1/4 to 1/2 inch slits on opposite sides of the cup.  Push pipe cleaners into slits to form legs.  Meghan decided she only wanted them to have six legs..lol

Glue on eyes, draw mouth, and glue on fangs.  Here’s how Meggers turned out, cute right!

You can use different colored cups, purple is really cute.  Enjoy!

16 thoughts on “"Snip Up Some Silly Spiders"

  1. Okay, the spiders look really cute, but are you sure you want to be anywhere around “spiders” with your track record? 🙂


  2. Ha ha! I lol’ed when I saw the pictures, ADORABLE. I wanna make some spiders! I think my three-year-old would love this. This would be a great craft when it’s raining here, which is like, you know, every day.


  3. Those are so cute! I may have to use that idea for Peanut’s preschool party. I’m the room mom. What was I thinking?


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