I can't believe Michael Jackson is gone.


OMG I’m in complete shock that Michael Jackson has died.  I was sure it was hoax, a publicity stunt, no way the pop icon of the mid 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s is dead. Really???  I never expected to feel so stunned and quite truthfully sad.  I remember seeing him moonwalk , the hat toss, the taped fingers and the silver glove.  His music was literally the soundtrack to most of my youth.  

Gosh I used to watch him on a tiny television, with rabbit ears, in the living room, with the rest of the family gathered around.  His video’s were like mini movies, packed with star power and everyone wanted to know what he was gonna do next. 

Then there were the scandals that dramatically changed his career.  However, there’s no denying him the title “king of Pop” because he truely was magnificent when it came to music and videos.  I think his legacy will live on in his music and he will be missed.  Rest in peace Michael and thanks for the music.

2 thoughts on “I can't believe Michael Jackson is gone.

  1. It’s a shocker for sure that he’s died so young. I just think it’s really sad that all this good stuff is being said now he’s dead. He’s never going to hear all these tributes though he deserved them in life but what he got was harrassment and ridicule from the media. He was aquitted of those accusations after all. Did he know he was still so adored? Tragic!


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