Wordless Wednesday – Hannah Montana Wannabe

 NEWS FLASH ~ Hannah Montana says “Follow your dreams no matter how big or how small”.

IMG_2913 Hannah Montana made an a one night appearance as the the lead singer of the well known group The Apple Band.  She started the concert by telling all her adoring fans “Follow your dreams no matter how big or how small”.

IMG_2912 She sang her new debut single “The Climb” ensuring that there was not a dry eye in the house, it would be one of her most memorable concerts.

IMG_2915 Paparazzi caught her leaving from a back entrance., but in true Hannah style she blew kisses to her adoring fans…

IMG_2917 and struck this well known Hannah Montana pose.

IMG_2918 What an amazing talent!  Her fans were left wanting more.

Meg is in love with all the Disney Diva’s right now, Hannah Montana and  Alex Russo being her current favorites. I remember pretending to be Madonna and Whitney Houston when I was younger prancing around in a ra-ra skirt, fingerless gloves, with a big floppy bow in my hair, singing “I wanna dance with somebody” or “Borderline”.    Meg’s got a great imagination and reminds me a lot of myself when she steps into character! 

Have a great WW and be sure to check out more Wordless Wednesday and Special Exposure Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Hannah Montana Wannabe

  1. Can we have Meg come over and play with Princess? She really needs the help in the girlie imagination department. Right now it is all computers and stuff. And yeah, she is so awesome and adorable!!!


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