Sleep + y = Sleepy

Last night Meg and I were working on her homework.  I was showing her what happens to a word when you add the letter Y to it.  So we went through a list of words…

Soap + y = Soapy

Toast+ y = Toasty

Sleep + y = Sleepy

You get the idea!  After we were done talking about how adding the Y to each word could change it’s meaning, I was having her use each word in a sentence.  Here’s how it went…

“Okay Meg how about soapy?”

Meg: “I get all soapy when I get in the bath tub.”

“Good Meg!  How about toasty?”

Meg: “When we go to Grandma’s we sit in front of the fireplace to get toasty.”

“Very good Meg! How about sleepy?”

Meg:  “That one’s easy!  My Mommy is always sleepy!”


My sister sitting on the other side of the table started to snicker.

Meg: “Well you are Mommy!”


There are some things you just can’t hide from your kids!

4 thoughts on “Sleep + y = Sleepy

  1. OMG! LMAO…i’m sorry for being so rude but that is really hilarious. yea, sometimes you just can’t hide from them. for me, i still can get away with things around Fateha but not my students LOL.


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