Sunshine And A Sunflower Maze

So we were thrilled when we first learned about Sweetfield Farm and their fabulous mazes! 

On our first trip to Sweetfields we braved their corn maze and  I was little apprehensive about going for reasons you can read about HERE, but hubby and Meggers ended up having a fantastic time.  In fact they had such a good time at Sweetfields we decided to make the mazes something we did every year!

You can imagine my surprise and how delighted I was when Ted the owner popped up on my blog a few weeks ago and left me this comment…

Love the blog! We just opened the sunflower maze this past weekend. We might have some blooms this weekend, but if not the next for sure. It would be nice if you could make it again. Thanks, it is sites like this that help support the little people like us!
Sweetfields Farm

You’re welcome and ABSOLUTELY we’ll be there!!!! 

A few weeks ago, after going out for brunch, we decided to stop by Sweetfields to introduce ourselves!  Ted and his wife were both lovely and talked to us about their farm.  Ted was eager for us to give the sunflower maze a try but it was really hot and we weren’t really dressed appropriately, so we set up arrangements to come back the following weekend instead. 

 However, we did manage to pick a little produce before we left…

Here’s Meg with the first squash she picked!

After picking a few squash, zucchini and having Ted’s wife pick us a beautiful bag full of mixed lettuce we headed home to make a yummy Ratatouille and tossed salad!

Meg couldn’t wait to go back to tackle the Sunflower maze and it was all she could talk about for a week.

Hubby and Meg headed back to Sweetfields this past Sunday to brave the Sunflower Maze, but I had to stay home to take two tests that were due for school. 

 Trust me I’d rather have been at the maze! *Sigh*

It was a beautiful day!  The sun was shining and the maze was in full bloom!

Meg and daddy read the rules before entering…

and then preceded to follow the path and make their way through the maze…

answering questions along the way like How many toes does a chicken have?  Do you know?

I’m glad to say they survived the sunshine and the sunflower maze! 

They even managed to pick some more zucchini, squash and green beans! 

Meg called me on the way home to tell me all about it and when she walked through the door I thought…

 awww how lovely! She’s brought me a sunflower because I couldn’t go!

Ummm… not the case!  Apparently, when they were leaving Ted asked Meg if she’d like a sunflower and cut her one right there on the spot!

Here’s Meg with her freshly cut sunflower and there in the little black pot are the ones she’s been growing from seeds.

Meg and hubby had a great time and if we weren’t going on a school trip Friday we’d be headed back to see the fireflies in the sunflower maze at night.

Sooo… if you’re ever in the area when the mazes are in bloom or when the u-pick fields are ripe make sure you stop by Sweetfields Farm  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

PS If you’re on Facebook be sure to join the fan page we started called “I love Sweetfields Farm” and show your love!

15 thoughts on “Sunshine And A Sunflower Maze

  1. That place sounds amazing! I don’t think we have anything like that around here. I think sunflowers are so pretty and I LOVE farmers. They are some of the best people on earth. Glad your daughter had such a fabulous time.


  2. Sounds like fun. We have a farm nearby that grows a small corn maze every year and the kids love to go there and run around in it.


  3. Thanks for sunflowers heads up on your post! I would have loved to have visited this crazy sunflower maze – what fun!! Great sunflower photo at the start too


  4. What a neat concept. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sunflower maze. What a wonderful outing, very different from the usual fare, plus you got some fresh veggies out of it. Very nice.


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