Music Monday – 80’s

Every now and then on twitter 80’s music tends to become the hot topic of late night chats. 

 I don’t know about you, but I loved the 80’s, the neon colors, wild hair styles, awesome movies and great music. 

There are sooooo many great songs to choose from when it comes to the 80’s so here are a few of my many favorites.


Paul Young –  Love Of The Common People

OMD – If You Leave

Spandau Ballet – True

The Jam – A Town Called Mallice

T’Pau – China In Your Hand

Yazz – The Only Way Is Up


7 thoughts on “Music Monday – 80’s

  1. yep loved the 80s also

    Haven’t seen or heard that T’Pau track for ages and it is fantastic.

    Also like the Union Jack teapot


    Pete aka @peteloafer


  2. Love Spandau and the Jam is awesome! I have not listened to Yazz in years my gosh! You do have one group missing tho, what about Boy George and the Culture Club? *sniffles* LOL!
    thanks so much for this great 80’s tribute. Have a wonderful MM!


  3. I totally love the 80’s too, but some of these I haven’t heard. Thanks for the introduction to them. Very cool indeed. I too have a musical meme. Stop by if you get the chance. I’d follow you, but I cannot find your button. Let me know where it’s at & I’ll be back.


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